The use of the Starbucks card implies absolute and unconditional acceptance of these terms of use.

The Starbucks card is a debit card, which is used exclusively to make purchases at Starbucks stores in Greece. The holder can use it multiple times until (s)he spends the entire amount credited to the card, while (s)he may also renew the value of credit with at least the minimum amount of credit of Euro ten (€ 10).

The Starbucks card can be credited by any form of payment accepted by Starbucks stores in Greece.

If the customer makes a purchase of greater value than the amount of money available on the card, the excess amount shall be paid by the customer by cash or credit card; otherwise the purchase will not be consummated.

All Starbucks Card holders can register their card at www.starbucks.com.cy (in accordance with the procedure referred to in detail therein) and can check their available balance at any Starbucks store in Greece or at www.starbucks.com.gr Furthermore the registration of your Starbucks card as described above ensures the holder so that his/her current cash balance is to be protected in case of loss or theft of the card and (s)he may recover it by acquiring a new card in replacement of the lost or stolen one.

The goods purchased by Starbucks card are subject to the same commercial return and change policy as applicable to those goods purchased in any other way from the Starbucks Stores.

Under no circumstance may the Starbucks card and /or any sales conferred by virtue of the card be exchanged for cash. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify the reward system for purchases made using the Starbucks card and to modify or replace the rewards for each purchase.

In purchases made with the Starbucks card no change will be given. The remaining - after deducting the value of each purchase - amount will be credited to the Starbuck cards and it can be used for any future purchases whenever the Client so desires.

MARINOPOULOS COFEE COMPANY S.A. is entitled to unilaterally amend any term of this card, including the privileges of the holders and the rewards of each purchase. Any such amendment shall be communicated to the cardholder by any means of communication he has notified to the Company during the card registration or by posting of any modification in the company's stores or on its website. The company MARINOPOULOS COFFEE COMPANY S.A. reserves the right to modify or terminate the loyalty program of the Starbucks Card. In any case the card holder will be notified, as per the above, and the latter has no claim against the company, as by the acceptance of these terms he recognizes that the loyalty program is offered at the Company's discretion.

The Card Holder shall notify the Company MARINOPOULOS COFEE COMPANY S.A. of any change of his address, email address or phone either via phone at +30 2106244855 or via email at info@starbucks.com.gr. Until notification of such change, any document will be communicated promptly to the old address and/or electronic address and / or telephone number.

MARINOPOULOS COFFEE COMPANY S.A. reserves the right to regularly inform the owner via mail, e-mail, mobile message (sms) or any other appropriate means. If the cardholder no longer wishes to receive promotional and informative material, he may indicate such wish at www.starbucks.com.gr or via email at info@starbucks.com.gr.


Following the registration of the Starbucks card by the holder, the company MARINOPOULOS COFFEE COMPANY S.A, which maintains its headquarters in 63 Ag. Dimitriou Str. – Alimos - Athens - Greece, will keep the personal data on file and will process such data that it receives in order to improve its client management and promote its products and services in accordance with this Agreement.

In each case the Starbucks cardholder reserves the right to information, access and objection to the processing of his data in accordance with Articles 11-13 of the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law of 2472/1997 as amended and has the right to withdraw his consent for the use of his personal data or to request the deletion of his personal data upon notification to the Marketing Department of the company MARINOPOULOS COFFEE COMPANY S.A.

The personal data of the participant in the program may be transferred to third parties within the European Union, or other member firms of the Marinopoulos group of companies which legally keep records of customers under the control of the Process Agent for the promotion of their products and services in accordance with the provisions of the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law of 2472/1997 as amended under the control of the Process Agent or any party appointed by the Company MARINOPOULOS COFFEE COMPANY S.A. at its the behest to perform the management of the relevant file.