Current Partners

Become Your Personal Best

If you're looking for an opportunity to grow and become your personal best, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help you. Our partners are our most valuable resource—and so we want to help you get to the next phase of your career here at Starbucks. Let your store manager know and send your cv at [email protected] indicating the position you believe you can become your personal best.

Current openings (for existing partners):

Barista -Rhodes (ref. Β-RD-INT)

Barista -Mykonos (ref. Β-ΜΚΝ-INT)

Barista -Thessaloniki (ref. Β-TH-INT)

Barista -Corfu (ref. Β-CF-INT)

Shift Supervisor South District (ref. SSv-SD-INT)

Shift Supervisor North District (ref. SSv-ΝD-INT)

Shift Supervisor -Mykonos (ref. SSv-ΜΚΝ-INT)

Shift Supervisor -Corfu (ref. SSv-CF-INT)

Assistant Store Manager South District (ref. ASM-SD-INT)

Assistant Store Manager North District (ref. ASM-ΝD-INT)

Assistant Store Manager Heraklion- Crete (ref. ASM-HER-INT)

Assistant Store Manager Hania (ref. ASM-CH-INT)

Assistant Store Manager Mykonos (ref. ASM-ΜΚΝ-INT)

Store Manager -Heraklion (κωδ. SM-ΗΕR-INT)

Store Manager -Corfu (ref. SM- CF-INT)

Store Manager -Mykonos (ref. SM-ΜΚΝ-INT)