How can I join My Starbucks Rewards™?

Joining is very easy. You just need to activate a Starbucks® card at your favorite Starbucks® store.

Then, access , and register your card at the CARD section of the website.
Fill your contact info, the card number (16-digits number) and the pin (8-digits code, which can be found after scratching the respective surface at the back of the card)

Just like that, you are a member of My Starbucks Rewards™.

How can I collect stars and earn free beverages and other unique gifts?

Every time you use your Starbucks® Card in order to pay at a Starbucks store (and you have joined the My Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty program), you earn stars. For every 0,5€ you spend, you earn 1 star. There are also a lot of offers that will help you earn extra stars.

How can I become a Gold member?

By collecting 500 stars within the period of one year, you automatically become a Gold member for one year (the transition from Green to Gold might take up to 24 hours).

How can I renew my Gold membership?

Once you are Gold member, you have to earn 500 stars within a year to retain your Gold status. If you don’t manage to earn 500 stars within a year from becoming a Gold member, then you return to the Green status with the amount of stars you collected in the past year.

Can I use my Starbucks card & collect stars at another country?

No, the use of your Starbucks® Card and the My Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty program can only occur in the card that your card was activated - Greece.

Can I use my Starbucks card & enjoy my benefits at Starbucks stores at the airports?

No, the use of your Starbucks® Card and the My Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty program can only occur at Starbucks stores in Greece, except the stores that are located at the airports.

In the case that my card is stolen/lost, what can I do to protect my balance?

In the misfortunate case of your card being lost/stolen, please contact the My Starbucks Rewards™ call center at: 210-6244855 or through e-mail at: [email protected]

How can I keep track of my available stars and my current level?

By logging into and your My Starbucks Rewards™ account, you can be informed about your star balance and your current status, as well as, the stars required to move from Green to Gold, or, to renew your Gold status.

You can also check your current star balance and your current level, at any Starbucks® store.

What size is my Free Drink?

The Free Drink that you get every 120 stars as well as your Free Birthday Drink can be any handcrafted beverage at any size.

When can I redeem my free birthday drink?

The free birthday drink can only be redeemed at your birthday.

How many free add-ons can I get once I go to Gold level?

Once you are a Gold member you get free add-ons (espresso shots, whipped cream, flavor syrups, origin espresso). More specifically you are entitled to 3 add-ons per beverage.