Starbucks Card | Terms And Conditions

The use of Starbucks card implies the total and unconditional acceptance of the present terms of use.

Starbucks card is a debit (pre-paid) card, which is exclusively used for making purchases at any Starbucks store located in Greece participating in the program. The card user may use it multiple times until the amount of credit charged to the card is completely depleted while is able also to renew the value of credit at any time, by loading at least the minimum amount of ten Euro (€ 10,00).

Starbucks card may receive credit by any form of payment that is accepted from the Starbucks participating stores located in Greece of a client performs a purchase of bigger value than the amount of money credited to his/her card, the excess amount may be payed from the client in cash or /with the use of a credit or debit card, if not, the purchase will not be concluded.

All Starbucks Card owners are able to register their card at (according to the procedure stated in detail to this URL) and also have the ability to check their available balance in any participating  to the program Starbucks store located in Greece or in In addition, the registration of your Starbucks card, as it is mentioned above ensures the protection of the current cash balance of the owner in a case of a card loss or theft while has the ability to reclaim the amount by acquiring a new card in replacement of the one lost

All goods purchased by Starbucks card, are subjected to the same commercial performance and changes policy applied to these goods purchased in any other way from Starbucks stores. Under no circumstances, the Starbucks card and / or any purchases granted by the card may be exchanged for cash. The company reserves the right to modify unilaterally the reward system for purchases made with the use of Starbucks card, as well as to modify or to replace the benefits /rewards that each purchase may be entitled to. When purchases take place with Starbucks card, no change will be given.  The remaining amount - after the deduction of the net value of each purchase -, will be credited to the Starbucks card and can be used for any future purchases whenever the client may desire.

Marinopoulos Coffee Company SA reserves the right to modify unilaterally any term of this card, including any possible privileges of the users as well as the rewards of each purchase. Any type of such modification will be notified to the user of the card by any means of communication that has been made known to the company during the time of the card registration and /or through an announcement posting at Starbucks stores or to the website of the company. Marinopoulos Coffee Company SA reserves the right to modify or even to terminate the loyalty program of Starbucks Card. In any case, the user of the card must be notified, according to above mentioned procedures, the latter has no right or claim against the company, as by  the acceptance of the current terms and conditions, acknowledges that the loyalty program is being offered at the Company’s discretion.

The user of the card must notify Marinopoulos Coffee Company SA for any change of his /her address, email address or telephone number, either via telephone at +30 2106244855 either via email at [email protected] Until notification of such change, each document will be communicated promptly, to the previously known postal address, and /or electronic address, and/or telephone number. In any case, we receive all plausible and necessary measures for the direct and correct update of your data.

Marinopoulos Coffee Company SA will inform in a regular basis the user of the card regarding new products and offers via post, e-mail, sms or any other appropriate means, given that there will have been given his/her consent. If card holder, does no longer wishes to receive promotional and informative material, it is possible to withdraw at any time his/her consent, without afflicting the legality of the process that took place based on his / her consent before it’s withdrawal. In order to exercise this right, the user may address directly to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) Mr. Barmpounis Ioannis, postal address: St. Dimitriou 63, Alimos 17456, email: [email protected], telephone number: 210 9856364.


Following the registration of Starbucks card by the user, the company Marinopoulos Coffee Company SA, which is based in, 63 St. Dimitriou Str., Alimos P.C. 17456, Athens, Greece, will store the personal data in a file and will process them as well as the ones received in the future, according to what is stated in the Privacy Policy, in order to improve its clients management , as well as for the promotion of its products and services, in accordance with  what is specially stated in the current agreement regarding the use of  Starbucks Card. 

n any case, the Starbucks card user maintains the right to access, amend and limit and / or object the process of his / her personal data, according to the obligations set by the national legal frame and the European Directive 2016/679 and also reserves the right to withdraw his / her  given consent for the process of his/ her personal data or even to request  for the deletion  of these data, after contacting directly with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) Mr. Barmpounis Ioannis, email: [email protected], telephone number: 210 9856364.

The personal data of the participant in the loyalty program may be forwarded to other parties based inside EU or to other enterprises of Marinopoulos ownership, given your consent, which is being received according to all conditions defined by the current legal frame. 

For more information regarding the process and protection of personal data as well as your rights based upon the legal frame, please refer to the following website link